Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank You

Thank You
When one’s child becomes a parent,
It opens up many memories and doors,
Thoughts, feelings, and gratitude,
Surface that were never present before.

Reflections ensue,
And “ah ha” moments come to light,
Such as the endless depth of unconditional parental love,
And the tireless effort to always do right.

Like when rations are tight,
But leaving nothing for yourself,
Ensuring your child’s belly is warm and full,
Because the importance is on their life and health.

Like respecting your child to make,
Decisions on their own,
And reinforcing and encouraging them that,
Their life should always set its own tone.

These are the things you did for me,
And the things, for my own, I will do.
There’s nothing as great as the unbounded love of parenting,
And for that, and everything, I say, “Thank You.”

December 2008


MoPoDC said...

Hi Serena,
I'm checking out your Blog. I Luv this Poem. I did not forget about the video. I have to get it from my Photo/Video Person.
I should have it by tonight. I will try to email it to you as soon as I get it.
It was great meeting you and after reading this Beautiful poem, I am sure that the pleasure has been all mines, Mrs. Fine.
You made my blog shine, new friend of mine

Karen M. Roth said...

This is very beautiful, Serena. I have seen your heart, pain, and suffering throughout your poetry. I, too, have written some poetry at one time.
But can I tell you this in Love as a Friend? You have been seeking direction for your life and to fill up the wounds in your heart in the wrong direction. The peace, true peace can only come from God and through the Awesome Love He has for you and me. {{{hugz}}} Karen M. Roth