Friday, June 29, 2012


My ears were perked, head cocked at an angle,
Fingers twisting tight ringlets of locks in a disbelieving tangle,
Listening, waiting, but not hearing,
Suspecting that what he didn’t say was even louder than what he did.
Excuses about a kid,
And busy schedules, and renovations,
Nothing but intentional slights and silent delineations.
Echoes in ghost-speak,
Excuses lame and weak,
Why had I never noticed my friends were so meek??
It’s said that silence is defined as “the avoidance of mentioning or discussing”
But shit, wouldn’t you rather have someone in your face, ranting and cussing?
Or hitting you with blunt force trauma with their words,
Instead of coaxing your ears with pretty silences unheard?

June 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012


My mind is stimulated,

Synapses firing while my body is debating:
Wakefulness or sleep?
To hell with counting sheep,
I’d rather explode into dawn, while my covers lie in a messy heap
Piled high on the floor,
My body hungrily yearning for more.
More time. More time.
I wanna sit under a hot, filthy globe light,
Straddling my creativity,
Intently discovering my passions, 
Lamenting, “Hell, he don’t want me…”
Speckled in latex—now THAT’s a statement in fashion.
Chucking restful hours,
Each minute merely devoured,
by the night.
This shit ain’t right.
Passion put on hold from 9 to 5,
Squelching foggy dreams just to eat and stay alive—it’s hard to describe.
But tomorrow is quickly encroaching,
Now just take a deep breath, sleep, then dive.

June 2012