Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Metaphysical Release

I need a metaphysical release.
Something to wrap my mind around these random thoughts that keep invading my peace,
It’s like a disease,
Eating away at my center of gravity,
Throwing me off balance just when I think I can clearly walk and see.
I need a way to express those thoughts and emotions
That linger just below the surface,
You know the ones that are always there bubbling, festering,
Picking at your sanity, constantly pestering,
Like, “What the fuck does it mean?” and “What the hell am I doing?”
Constantly gnawing; constantly chewing…..
I need a metaphysical release.
I wanna sit down with my words spilling off my tongue,
My graceful fingers completing a beautiful piece of music before I’d even begun.
I wanna carve all my emotions into a solid piece of wood,
Never mind that I’d never even held a chisel --but shit-- I could, you know?
I wanna wrap finely spun yarn through my fingers, letting it glide and knot,

I wanna make love under a roomful of candles, blazing hot,
While my lover and I create a sensual symphony,
Relishing in the pure ecstasy of a moment too ethereal to be earthly.
I need a metaphysical release.